Filmography - recent projects

Have a look at the latest projects I have been working on!


Von Früher - student film (music composition)

I love you two - student film (music composition)


Manou the Swift (digital compositing)

Translate Lyricvideo (editing, compositing)

Fynn's Journey - student game production (music composition)


Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale (digital compositing)

Know Your Enemy - student film (music composition)

Top Indie Film Awards    

[winner] best music

[winner] best student film

[nominee] best original idea

[nominee] best editing

[nominee] best sound

Aqua Nostra - student film (music composition)

Head2Head - student film (digital compositing)

Blacklight VR - student project virtual reality experience (music) 

The Forgotten Piano - student film (modeling, animation, 

compositing, music)


Workout - student film (director, animation, modeling, music)

Kafka 360° die Verwandlung - student film 360° (music)

know your enemy bild.jpg